Adelheid Showjumpers is a studfarm with the objective to breed international showjumping horses. The basis was laid by Jan Riemens when he bought the Gelders mare Ekini in 1966. At that time his daughter Ria Remijnse-Riemens was starting at national level in the showjumping and eventing sport on the gelding Jupiter. They were successful at reputable shows such as Meppel, Veendam and ‘Gouden Ei’ in Barneveld. Jan Riemens continued to breed from Ekini’s daughter Jolet who produced for him the international showjumping horse Normi (Bert Heijman).
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driehoekSince 1974 Ko and Ria Remijnse are living in Heythuysen. They expanded the Ekini line with Raskina and Saskina, two daughters out of Jolet. In order to be able to trace and distinguish their breeding products, all foals from 1992 onwards were given the suffix ‘Adelheid’, which refers to the daughter of Farn with the same name. Critical selection and a clear focus on sport stallions resulted in a very high percentage of international showjumping horses, such as Kyra Adelheid (Bart Bles), Love It (James Lala), Lord Adelheid (Bert-Jan van de Pol), Roxy Adelheid Z (Richard Spooner), Quartz Adelheid Z (Gregory Wathelet) and Almé Adelheid Z (Mans Buurman). In addition, Zangersheide stallion Quartz II Adelheid Z (Tim Rieskamp-Goedeking) won the 2012 Dortmund Championship and the KWPN stallion Regino Adelheid (Camilla Enemark) started in the Nations Cup Finals in Rotterdam and the EC in Madrid in 2011.
Jac Remijnse started to specialize in sport horse breeding already at an early age. He now frequently acts as advisor for trend-setting breeders in Europe, such as Studfarm Zangersheide (breeder of Ratina Z) or Harm Thormählen (breeder of Capitol I). His company Horse Genetics published a large number of books as well as the magazine Sport Horse Breeding. Also the philosophy of Adelheid Showjumpers has been changed with the introduction of new showjumping lines. These new lines started in 1998 with the purchase of a mare from the famous Ascona family, followed in 2000 by the Libelle line and the Girl Z line, in 2010 the Fairness Z line, in 2012 the Pieruschka line and in 2013 the Liscalgot line. All of them excellent showjumping lineages that each have shown to reliably produce showjumping horses for the world top. Not only the original Ekini family, but also the later acquired lines guarantee the excellent foundation of Adelheid Showjumpers - the breeding of international showjumping horses.
Jupiter & Ria Remijnse
Quartz II Adelheid Z &
Tim Rieskamp-Goedeking
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Camilla Enemark
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